SATHA is one of the Persia Metal Company (PMCO) subsidiaries in manufacturing, designing and installation of MV / LV electrical panels likewise producing cable trays & cable ladders, was established in 1995.

The Company has been equipped with a wide range of competent engineers and technical solutions, which allow us to help our clients successfully executing various kinds of projects and services.

SATHA was proud of achieving GLOBAL Company ISO9001:2000 Certificate in 2005, afterwards Unisafe ABB Type –Test in 2009.
The plant of the company is located in the industrial zone of Oshtorjan, 25 km away from Isfahan, and has been constructed in a land with an area of 15,500 m2 with four major workshops, two warehouses and one administrative building with constructed space of about 8,000 m2. Various sections are included to supply products:
NC -CNC Machinery and Metal Working (Punching, Bending, Cutting …)
Welding (Stud Welding, MIG, MAG)
Automatic Production Line for Cable trays (Roll Forming)
Mechanical and Electrical Assembling
Electrostatic and Furnace Painting
Quality Control Department (Non-destructive, Dimension, Paint, Power& Control Circuit, Current Injection, withstand, Insulation Resistance Tests)


 Accordingly, SATHA strive to provide Reliable performance, rational construction cost and meeting the particular needs of industries together with competitive services: 
Construction of electrical projects (EPC, PC):
Designing, installation and run of automation projects
Manufacturing of Electrical Panels & Bus-Ducts:
Fixed and withdraw able Motor Control Center
Fixed and withdraw able Power Center Panel
MV Panel with Fixed and Withdraw able Circuit Breaker Siemens Sion Type
MV Panel with Fixed and Withdraw able Circuit Breaker ABB
8DJ Siemens MV compact Panels
Capacitor Banks
Distribution Panels
Control and Protection Panels
Control Desk
AC/DC Distribution Panels
Motive Power
Program Logic Control
Producing Cable Trays, Conduits & Associated Accessories:
Symmetrical/Unsymmetrical Reducer
90˚and 45˚Horizontal Elbow
90˚and 45˚Outside and Inside Risers
Tee & Cross
Simple & Double Profiles for Cable Trays Supporting
Straight, Horizontal and vertical Joints
Stiffening Elements 

EPC Projects: 
Manufacturing, Installation and Run of Sepahan Cement MV Panel Manufacturing, Installation and Run of Raw material Polyacril LV Withdraw able Panel Manufacturing, Installation and Run of Rejal Petrochemical LV Withdraw able Panel Manufacturing, Installation and Run of Orumiyeh Power Plant Lateral Panel (HVAC, Lighting) with cooperation of BamRah Company. Manufacturing, Installation and Run of Nasooz azar design & expansion MCC Panel Manufacturing, Installation and Run of Nasooz azar design & expansion MCC Panel Detail Design, Production, Run of Auxiliary Service LV Panel with cooperation of Posco Company Electrical Equipment Providing of Isfahan Steel Company Blast Furnace with cooperation of Ghaem Reza Industries Complex.

Power Center Panels
Capacitor Banks
Local Control Panels
Distribution Panels
Control & Protection Panels
Motor Center Control (MCC) & Fitting Panels
Program Logic Control (PLC)
Operation Desk
Bus Duct
Motive power Socket 

Straight element cable tray & ladders
90 Deg. Horizontal Elbows
45 Deg. Horizontal Elbows
90 Deg. Vertical outside Risers
90 Deg. Vertical Inside Risers
45 Deg. Vertical outside Risers
45 Deg. Vertical Inside Risers
Vertical Adjustable Outside & Inside Risers with Cover
Symmetrical & Asymmetrical Reducers
Tee & Crosses with Cover
Simple Type Profile & Double Type Profile for Cable Trays Supporting
Fitting for Simple Type & Double Type Supporting Profile
Horizontal Adjustable Joint Plate
Vertical Adjustable Joint Plate
Straight Joint Plate
Stiffening Element