Sivacon 8PT


Sivacon 8PT

طبقه بندی انواع تابلو های فشار ضعیف :

• تابلوهای توزیع اصلی
• تابلوهای توزیع فرعی

• تابلوهای تغذیه موتوری
• تابلوهای تغذیه مصرف کننده های غیر موتوری
• تابلوهای اصلاح ضریب توان
• تابلوهای کنترل فرمان
• تابلوهای حفاظت و اندازه گیری


مشخصات کلی تابلوهای فشار ضعیف:
• دارای تایپ تست های مختلف استاندارد
• باس بارهای استاندارد در قسمت بالای تابلوها
• فضای کافی برای انواع طراحی
• فضای مناسب برای قرار دادن تجهیزات به صورت مدولار
• قابلیت نصب تابلوها به صورت مستقل یا پشت به پشت یکدیگر
• امکان اتصال کابل از زیر یا بالای تابلو


All-round perforation rows with a 25-mm hole              
egrid for individual installation
• Flexible door system for all requirements
• Door opening angle up to 180°
• Spring-loaded locks reliably prevent doors from eopening unintentionally
• Pressure-relief top covers

urface Treatment:
Optionally powder-coated, wetpainted or galvanized


Frame and enclosure are manufactured from sheet steel in the following thicknesses:
Frame: 2.5 mm
Enclosure: 2.0 mm

Degrees of Protection to IEC 60529
IP 30, IP 31, IP 40, IP41, IP 42 ,IP 54


Busbar system

• Busbar position at top
• Busbar system for rated currents up to 7400 A
• User-oriented gradation of rated currents
• Rated peak withstand current Ipk up to 375 kA
• Separation of the busbar compartment from Wthe device compartment
• Transport unit joints easily accessible from    Wabove
• Arc barriers for limiting the effects of the arcing wfault


FCB Panels

User-Friendly with 3W.(air circuit breakers)
Siemens 3W.fixed-mounted and withdrawable circuit breakers are
used for the rated current rang from 630 to 6300 A.  This means:

• High short-time current-carrying capacity
• Short-circuit protection with shorttime grading control (ZSS)
• LCD operating current indication in the control console
• Indication and operation when the door is closed
The supply, feeder and coupling cubicles of the circuit-breaker design are equipped with withdrawable or fixed-mounted Air circuit breakers.
As a large number of loads are generally connected to these cubicles, particular   importance is attached to them in terms of the long-term operating reliability and personal safety of the switchboard.

Compact and reliable
High degree of safety due to type-tested standard modules (TTA)
Test and disconnect position with the door closed

Circuit-breakers integrated in separate compartments, each equipped with a separate door
Optimum connection conditions for every rated current range
Cable connection from above or below

OFW Panels

.Outgoing cable feeder up to 630A
• High degree of safety by virtue of type-tested standard modules
• Outgoing feeders up to 250 kW
• Non-fused and fused protection
• Test and disconnected position
• Standard operator interface for all withdrawable-units
• Isolating gaps on the supply and feeder -sides
• Space-saving sizes of withdrawable-units from 100mm      minimum module height
• Cable connection compartment at front or rear
• Easy adaptation to changing operating conditions without    shutdown of switch board
Cubicles for motor and cable feeders in withdrawable-unit design offer highest operating comfort with optimum safety
and availability.
Thus individual modules can be e.g.
supplemented or exchanged. Even compartments may be converted during    operation. The withdrawable-unit design of SIVACON for highest possible    availability.
SIVACON withdrawable-units offer operating and handling safety
• Standardized design in eight modular-unit heights (100, 150, 200, 300, 400, 500, 600, 700 mm)
• Clearly visible withdrawable-unit positions (connected, test and disconnected position)
• Integrated maloperation protection in all     withdrawable-units
• Control plugs up to 40-pole and additional bus contacts
• Hinged front panel of withdrawable-units for        adjustments
• Lockable disconnected position for safe working at the consumer
Plug-on bus system
The plug-on bus system is located at the rear of the  cubicle.

It offers safe-to-touch protection without additional shutters to live parts

Versatility and reliability with adaption to changing requirements
Simple conversion of withdrawable-unit compartments without shutdown of switch board
• No connection work necessary inside withdrawable-unit compartment
• Connections for power and control cables in a separated cable connection compartment
• Cable connection compartment optionally (front) or (rear)

CCS Panels
Various installation components are available for customised solutions, e.g. for open and closed-loop control tasks.

• 3- and 4-pole vertical distribution busbars
• Cubicle-length doors or compartment doors
• Compartmentalization
• Various installation components